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What is Viz Think Lab?

We are a community of creatives & multi-passionate professionals learning visual thinking for life & business. 


Is Viz Think Lab for you?

If you are a creative/maker, business owner, or facilitator, you are in the right place! 

Our virtual events and co-working spaces are designed with your needs in mind.

Why join Viz Think Lab?

Connect in Community

Boldly stepping out into a new position, pursuing your passion, and launching a business on your own is hard work. Sometimes it's just plain lonely. Gather with other members in weekly co-working spaces. Build authentic connections that will not only provide accountability, but also inspire, and encourage you to keep going!

Level Up Your Toolkit

We're building a hub of online courses in project management, facilitation, sketchnoting, and visual planning. Learn sketching for speed learning, personal reflection, business planning, leadership, and client communication.

Get Clear on Your Picture of Success!

Our coaching programs, visual templates, and thinking tools make complex life and business planning processes simpler.

Test Ideas in Safe Spaces

Build the confidence you need to develop your visual thinking skills or start and sustain a successful business. Practice new techniques, draft plans and gather feedback. Share your thoughts and reflections in our virtual collaboration space.

Meet Your Host

Belinda Jackson

Belinda is the Founder and Principal Strategist at Picture it Possible: visual strategy + facilitation. 
Belinda's professional career began as an educator in N.Y. After transitioning from classroom teaching to higher-education research she began combining her love of art with systems thinking. She found her niche in helping people identify and draw out their gifts. 
As the host, and main instructor for the community's webinars and courses, Belinda shares her expertise in business coaching, adult learning, strategic planning, and leadership, while using visuals to guide you step-by-step.

Praise for Viz Think Lab


"{This community} has provided me with the visual language that has helped me to convey my thoughts better than I thought I ever could..." "It has restored my confidence."
- Chaka Butler, Viz Think Lab Member

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